Friday, March 14, 2008

The Shack

We have gotten to read a good amount while we were here (it is amazing what not having a tv can accomplish), and one of the novels we have read was The Shack. Look it up.

I was very impressed by the guy's talent in writing, and for Christian publication, I was even more impressed. My only complaint is that the book seems to switch voices in the middle of the book, but it switches for his own intent, and I can respect that. I am most impressed by how he writes the theological insights that he has, and I feel it is a good read for many people.

Check it out!

Vacations and Family

Tonight marks the first evening of vacations for school children who have a two-week vacation time for Semana Santa - Holy Week. That means we have vacations, except for English class.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Lawrence, Leah's cousin to join us in Mexico City on Sunday. He will be staying the week with us and we are excited to show him around our currentl life.

Our Mexican brother and his family have also arrived from the north of the country, so it is a full house, but very fun to have another baby around and just good family times.

We will be heading to the States primarily because we have to change our visa before we can stay longer here in Mexico, but we will be meeting with friends and family in So. Cal. as well. We are looking forward to it.

Please be praying for our family as our Mexican nephew has health problems and could use all the prayers he can get. It is tough for the family, but praise God he has a LARGE family who loves him very much and he is a pretty happy little guy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back From LAM Retreat

We just finished our LAM retreat this past weekend. It was a great time spiritually and relationally. The theme of the conference was about the definition of success - God's success. It was a simple time of understanding, but after being around a number of missionaries who have devoted more than 20 years of their lives in Mexico, I learned that success takes different forms and very rarely does it look like something you would take someone out to dinner for.

With the future intentions of being long-term missionaries, it was great to see the difficulties and the life commitments people have made to serving the Mexican people. It was quite inspiring and humbling.

One of the greatest things for me (Kevin) was sitting with an old man, who grew up on a farm in Indiana. He and his wife have been in Mexico for 45 years, and though I'm sure we have millions of differences, he was a great man to learn from. We sat at dinner and talked about what it was like to be a Christian in the south (where he studied) during the civil rights movement. Very disturbing experiences he had ministering to African Americans while living in the south. Praise God for an active faith to share.

We have a crazy month ahead of us. Leah's cousin is coming for a visit for a week, which will be great and then we go to Los Angeles for a week to meet up with some people, share with our church and maybe (hopefully) do a few interviews for jobs.

Homework club is seeing more and more kids coming and our abilities more and more stretched. It is difficult to give the attention we would like to give to each kid, but we rejoice that they have a safe place to play and that our relationships with the youth are growing.

Leah's involvement in the women's group is great and Kevin just began a Bible study with some of the boys from the morning homework club.

As for future options, we are currently looking for positions that begin in August or early September. Kevin has recently applied to a few universities to be a resident director and Leah is looking for community organizer positions.

We would like you to be praying with us as we are praying about our long-term future here in Mexico. We are interested in student ministries, both American and Mexican and are praying about beginning a study abroad program for youth, similar to the program we are currently in, but that would also give university credits. This is a long-term future with a lot that can change, but please be praying with us about these things.