Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How Thin Can God Stretch Us?

The title of this blog is not so encouraging.  Let me first say that until an hour ago, things were progressing towards Spain fairly nicely.  Still some support to ardently work towards, and some documents seem to be trickling in at the 11th hour, but I must admit I was thinking to myself, "Finally!  We're so close."  Yet sometimes so close can not be close enough.

This entire missions process has been two steps forward and one step back.  It is incredible.  We went to make our consular appointments today to find out that the first available ones are not until July!  Some of the statute of limitation on our documents end in late June!  So here's where we need some prayers for God to move or great favor.  Please be praying for:

A.  God to open up some appointments during mid-June.  We'll be checking every day multiple times a day for an answer on this.
B.  That if an appointment does not open up that somebody at the S.F. consulate would find favor and take pity on us and put our documents through anyways.

On a happy, but maybe "not-quite-good-enough" note, our first available appointment had been in late July.  Then there was an opening in early July.  Still not good enough for what we need, but somebody canceled and that opened up some opportunities for us, which we promptly snagged.

Please be joining us in prayer as we could use it.