Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Advance Dance - It is a 3-Step

We've been learning the Advance Dance in this process for missions.  It is a three-step dance.

First you go forward two steps, and lift your hands in joy.

Then you take a step backwards and fall down to your knees.

And the music stops for a moment.

Then it begins again and you begin two steps forward, one step back.

Our letter from the Spanish gov't came!!!!  We are very excited that our inviting organization was granted permission to invite us.  The government completed the letter and we have that piece in hand.  (2 steps forward)


The name did not match the passport.  (1 step back)  So we have to resend it.

The music stopped, we sent in the corrections, and the record starts to play again.

On the support note, we can continuously praise God.  Little by little we're gaining on our support goal.  We only have about 16% left!  The support dance = step, step, little step, little step, step, step, big step...pause.  This dance has been a long, but quite rewarding process for us.

Thanks for watching us dance and for encouraging us when the music is playing and especially when the music seems to have quieted.