Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Living in Limbo

Life is continually unpredictable, however these last few weeks have been especially so. On Easter Sunday Kevin's father passed away suddenly, only a week before we were to leave for Mexico City for the summer. We were very thankful that it happened before we left so that we were able to quickly join Kevin's mother and sister. We postponed our flight, but still went forward with our plans for the summer when we saw how well Kevin's mom's community was coming around and supporting her. However, now with the swine flu epidemic going around, with Mexico City as its epicenter, life once again is up in the air. We returned to Chico for four short days last week, and are back in Cupertino. Our plan is/was (?) to fly to Mexico this next week, but we are now in limbo again trying to figure out what our next step should be. Please pray for us as all of life's events, combined with these big decisions, and the fact that Kevin has finals for his MA progarm this week, is leading to a lot of weight on our shoulders. Thanks for thinking about us.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rich's Memorial

Saturday was a difficult and special time for our family as Rich's memorial was held. The church was packed out, with many people we did not know. Many people reminded us of the legacy of generosity Rich left especially with his Harley crew and AA crew. It was great to be with friends and family and see the continued support all around. Candy's sorority and church friends have been an amazing help, providing great meals. People traveled from all over to come and celebrate Rich's life. His ashes were buried in the memorial garden at St. Jude's Episcopal Church in Cupertino, Kevin's church growing up and where Candy still attends. It is a special, simple place, fit for the quiet, non-ostentacious legacy that Rich left. We will miss him very much.

Thanks to everyone for their condolences. The supportive community around the globe is very encouraging in these times.

We could use prayer for wisdom as we make plans for Mexico and when we should go.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

People as Sacrament

I've (Kevin) been thinking of researching the concept of People as Sacrament for some time. After passing into this time of incredible grief alongside my family, I have seen how people really manifest Jesus. Sacrament is the celebration of a real presence of the grace of Jesus Christ. As a Methodist, I typically only see the sacraments in Baptism and the Eucharist. Having been heavily influenced by the Anabaptist tradition, I also would like to include in my own sacramentology, the foot-washing as the grace of service.

But I've seen the sacrament of people - real examples of the presence of Jesus Christ - all around us since we've been here. Some people would not call themselves Christian, but they too have been means of grace for us in these difficult times.

Grief is not over, nor should it be. But the pains of grief are tempered by the great support system of people stopping by or sending flowers, or what not. We are truly blessed, and it is this communal sacrament that will sustain our family through the trials, that we can move from the pain of grief to remembering my father and processing through grief.

Thanks to everyone who has come alongside with condolences and prayers. We appreciate it greatly.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Prayer Request

Please pray for us b/c we just found out this afternoon Kevin's father passed away from a sudden heart attack. We are going to Cupertino tonight, and we would really appreciate your prayers for the next few days, for Kevin's mom and his sister, as well as for us. This is really hard and unexpected. Thank you.

Reconciliation At-one-ment - Reason why we go

There is no other reason for missions or ministry than for reconcliation. Practitioners of the Gospel are agents of reconciliation, be they spiritual, emotional or physical. Likely practitioners address not one of these pieces individually, but at least two if not all three.

Today is the day we celebrate Easter, the day where reconciliation is made known. The Kingdom of God came at the Incarnation. Christ walked among people bringing physical, spiritual and emotional reconciliation, and he even called others to do the same during his lifetime. Good Friday we celebrate a portion of the atonement of God in his suffering servant sacrifice - the character of God's son highlighted in so many prophetic books.

Death would not be a reconciling even without the previous life and model of Jesus. Death is uneffective without the Resurrection, which we celebrate today. Atonement (at-one-ment) is then a composite of the person of Christ in His entirety.

Resurrection is not the culmination of who Jesus is either, and this is why we go to Spain or do ministry wherever we are. On this day, we celebrate the power over sin and even death, but we celebrate knowing that we've been sent out to be fishers of men and women. We are charged to be like Christ in the restoration and reconciliation process, carrying the Good News of spiritual, emotional and physical reconcliation.

We are very excited to be ministers to Spain where the spiritual needs for reconciliation are great. We look forward to working with immigrants and Spaniards of the failing economy there to live out a reconciled physical and emotional state thanks to Christ who says, do not worry about tomorrow, for the Lord clothes the fields and feeds the birds and loves us all the more. He so loved us that he became incarnate, lived a human life as a reconciler, died a death as a sacrificial lamb, rose to a bodily state and sent us out. We minister because of this reconciliation and we minister because of the hope of the final reconciliation at the eschaton.

As we celebrate Easter today, please celebrate that reconcilation - at-one-ment - as we prepare to be at-one-ment agents in Spain.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


For those of you who read our blog, but might not have yet heard, Kevin and I are expecting our first child in October. Last week we received a bit of a jolt when we went to our first midwife's appointment and she told me that I felt a little larger than normal for 12 weeks, so I either A) had an earlier due date than we thought, or B) might have twins. I think that both options took me by surprise, but the second one kind of blew me out of the water. She ordered an ultrasound, which we went to yesterday. The ultrasound doctor right away said, "nope, only one!" I have to admit, that was a bit of a relief. While we would have gladly welcomed two, one seems a little more manageable with all of the change we have going on in our lives right now!

We still plan on going to Mexico this sumer to serve with Spearhead and further train for when we will be leading the Spearhead program in Spain. In fact, we leave in just a little over a week, crazy! We will be in Mexico City until the first week of August, when we will fly to Colorado for my sister Amy's wedding! Both of my youngest sisters are getting married this summer/fall, which is exciting and crazy all at once! After Colorado we will be flying back to California and preparing for the arrival of our child. We are still aiming to be able to move to Spain by January/February of 2010, providing all of our support is pledged.

I will leave you with one of the ultrasound photos, it was really amazing and fun to watch our baby moving around, kicking, and punching, although I still can't feel it considering he/she only weighs about 3 oz. right now!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy Week Reflection

Yesterday was the day our Lord rode the back of a donkey into Jerusalem. He allowed himself, finally, to be publically claimed as the Messiah and went straight to the face of the religious and political authorities with that open acceptance. It spelled trouble and he marched straight for it.

Yesterday we saw people out of the city waving palm branches and ushering their new king. Today we see that king turning over tables and calling out the religious opportunism going on in the temple.

The Kingdom of God is at hand - instituted upon the Incarnation, made an example in Christ's life and he prepares for himself is own sacrifice out of obedience. The stake of the Kingdom of God will gain ground as the nails pierce through the wood. The stake is planted with the vertical beam of the torturous instrument locking into place.

The stake is planted and the Kingdom of God is ushered in...not through triumph but through sacrifice; not through an incredible economic purse, but through sacrifice. Today marks day 2 of the traditional Holy Week in the West. Holy week is a time to reflect on the Kingdom of God. It is now, but not yet, and we have been asked, as disciples, to take up our own cross and plant a stake for the Kingdom of God - not through economic means, but sacrifice; not by grand-standing, but sacrifice.

Benefit Concert - A Very Fun Time

It was so great to be able to share with our friends and family in Chico, what God has laid on our hearts to do. Katie Drake (, Leah's sister, played two great sets of relaxing music, one friend of ours called, a lullabye. Katie's passion has been music for her entire life and she got share that with us yesterday and through it she helped to share Leah's and my passion for missions. It was a great time. Of course, the name I heard thrown around the most in the audience was not Katie's, not Leah's...not mine either, but Jack, our nephew. He's a show-stealer, but who could complain about the show being stolen by such a cute little guy.

Big thanks to Katie for playing, Jack for being cute and for all those who showed up. Much credit to the Kellers, Bethany, Larry and Katie for creating such a special time to share hearts and music for God's mission.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Benefit Bar - Inaugural Month Results

Thanks to the Book-Satterlee Clickers Club for raising $180 in 26 days! The Benefit Bar has been working swimmingly.

This has been a great tool for our supporters to support us for free as well as augment their gifts. We have been very encouraged by how it will help our support base monthly.

If you would like to sign up to be part of the Book-Satterlee Clickers Club and support us this way for free, please follow this link:

If you are a missionary or run a non-profit and you think this tool could be of use to you, let us know!

Thanks again!

COMING UP: Katie Drake (Leah's sister) holding a benefit concert for us at Matthew's Cafe in Chico, Sunday April 5th from 2:00-4:00pm. Hope to see you there!