Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reconciliation At-one-ment - Reason why we go

There is no other reason for missions or ministry than for reconcliation. Practitioners of the Gospel are agents of reconciliation, be they spiritual, emotional or physical. Likely practitioners address not one of these pieces individually, but at least two if not all three.

Today is the day we celebrate Easter, the day where reconciliation is made known. The Kingdom of God came at the Incarnation. Christ walked among people bringing physical, spiritual and emotional reconciliation, and he even called others to do the same during his lifetime. Good Friday we celebrate a portion of the atonement of God in his suffering servant sacrifice - the character of God's son highlighted in so many prophetic books.

Death would not be a reconciling even without the previous life and model of Jesus. Death is uneffective without the Resurrection, which we celebrate today. Atonement (at-one-ment) is then a composite of the person of Christ in His entirety.

Resurrection is not the culmination of who Jesus is either, and this is why we go to Spain or do ministry wherever we are. On this day, we celebrate the power over sin and even death, but we celebrate knowing that we've been sent out to be fishers of men and women. We are charged to be like Christ in the restoration and reconciliation process, carrying the Good News of spiritual, emotional and physical reconcliation.

We are very excited to be ministers to Spain where the spiritual needs for reconciliation are great. We look forward to working with immigrants and Spaniards of the failing economy there to live out a reconciled physical and emotional state thanks to Christ who says, do not worry about tomorrow, for the Lord clothes the fields and feeds the birds and loves us all the more. He so loved us that he became incarnate, lived a human life as a reconciler, died a death as a sacrificial lamb, rose to a bodily state and sent us out. We minister because of this reconciliation and we minister because of the hope of the final reconciliation at the eschaton.

As we celebrate Easter today, please celebrate that reconcilation - at-one-ment - as we prepare to be at-one-ment agents in Spain.

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