Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Living in Limbo

Life is continually unpredictable, however these last few weeks have been especially so. On Easter Sunday Kevin's father passed away suddenly, only a week before we were to leave for Mexico City for the summer. We were very thankful that it happened before we left so that we were able to quickly join Kevin's mother and sister. We postponed our flight, but still went forward with our plans for the summer when we saw how well Kevin's mom's community was coming around and supporting her. However, now with the swine flu epidemic going around, with Mexico City as its epicenter, life once again is up in the air. We returned to Chico for four short days last week, and are back in Cupertino. Our plan is/was (?) to fly to Mexico this next week, but we are now in limbo again trying to figure out what our next step should be. Please pray for us as all of life's events, combined with these big decisions, and the fact that Kevin has finals for his MA progarm this week, is leading to a lot of weight on our shoulders. Thanks for thinking about us.

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Gary said...

Dear Kevin & Leah,

We have been praying for you since the passing of Kevin's dad, but now we know to pray about your upcoming MC trip.

In His Care & Love,

Gary & Jann