Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy Week Reflection

Yesterday was the day our Lord rode the back of a donkey into Jerusalem. He allowed himself, finally, to be publically claimed as the Messiah and went straight to the face of the religious and political authorities with that open acceptance. It spelled trouble and he marched straight for it.

Yesterday we saw people out of the city waving palm branches and ushering their new king. Today we see that king turning over tables and calling out the religious opportunism going on in the temple.

The Kingdom of God is at hand - instituted upon the Incarnation, made an example in Christ's life and he prepares for himself is own sacrifice out of obedience. The stake of the Kingdom of God will gain ground as the nails pierce through the wood. The stake is planted with the vertical beam of the torturous instrument locking into place.

The stake is planted and the Kingdom of God is ushered in...not through triumph but through sacrifice; not through an incredible economic purse, but through sacrifice. Today marks day 2 of the traditional Holy Week in the West. Holy week is a time to reflect on the Kingdom of God. It is now, but not yet, and we have been asked, as disciples, to take up our own cross and plant a stake for the Kingdom of God - not through economic means, but sacrifice; not by grand-standing, but sacrifice.

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