Monday, June 25, 2007

Leaving for Miami

Tomorrow Kevin and I leave for a one day orientation with LAM in Miami. It will be a whirlwind trip, but we are looking forward to taking one more small step towards our goal of going to Mexico City. We are still hoping for an August departure, but because that is contingent on our support we may have to wait until October. I have had a couple of conversations with people lately that have caused me to reflect on how blessed Kevin and I have been to have such a great amount of time together in our first year of marriage. We have pretty much been with each other 24/7 since we quit our jobs at the end of March. Our life before this was pretty jam packed, besides both of us working full-time, Kevin was also taking classes three nights a week and we had many more daily responsibilities than we do right now. This intentional time together has brought up a lot of good conversations, some stressful moments :), but mostly a lot of growth. Please continue to think and pray for us as we are continuing to prepare for this next great adventure. We will let you know how our orientation went when we get back. :)

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