Monday, November 5, 2007


This weekend we went to visit Teotihuacan which is an archeological site with pyramids. Many people think that the Aztecs build them, but they were actually built by a group predating the Aztecs (this group existed here from around 100 BC to a little after the birth of Christ). The Aztecs came across the site after it had been uninhabited for hundreds of years and it was their belief that this is where the gods had dwelt. When they built their city, Tenochitlan, or modern day Mexico City, they modeled it after Teotihuacan. It was a really fun day, we went with Reina, Obed, their son Isaac, as well as Nereyda and Jose.

Here we are in front of the pyramid of the sun.

All but Kevin, I realize you can barely see us, but that gives you an idea of how gigantic this pyramid is.

On top of the world!

Reina and I coming down the steps.

The Indigenous group that lived here was incredibly skilled in stone carving, pottery making and many other arts that aren't shown here. One of my favorite things I saw were all of their miniatures, the detail was amazing.

We made it!
For any and all who come to visit us this is definitely a great place to visit. As we get to know a little bit more of the Mexican history I feel as if I am better able to understand the cultue today.

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