Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jobs and Community

Leah and I have been in Chico now just about 3 weeks. We are almost coming up to the 2 month mark of being back from Mexico. Missing our Mexican family and friends certainly hasn't waned in these two months and has grown all the more as birthdays have passed by without us fiesta-ing.

But Chico is going well. I have been doing some landscaping to make some money and Leah some odd projects. I pop in my Itunes University and get educated while I work. As work comes through odd jobs, please keep praying for work to be done. If anybody needs help with anything, please let us know.

Community is going well for us also. Community is a slow building thing upon moving, which makes it tough, but we have Leah's family here on the farm, which is nice. We have been participating at a small-group at a local church for young marrieds and also have been attending Foothill Community Church (ironically the same name as our church in Azusa) in Oroville as well and have started to get in touch with their young adult group.

School has been going well for me and I look forward to seeing my classmates in person in just over a week and a half in Portland.

As for Spain, the plans are on the move. Our application is in process and Leah and I have been mapping out some preparation items, including an overhaul on the blog and how we use it. Stay tuned for that...

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