Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spain at last!

We made it! After a very long trip Kevin and I landed in Spain Friday morning. We were more than a bit tired, but happy to be in Spain. First on our agenda was to figure out how to get to El Escorial, a super cute little town on the outskirts of Madrid where we would be participating in an evangelism conference. An hour and a half later we found ourselves at our hotel, but they wouldn't have rooms available for another four hours! So we walked around the town, taking in the sights. When we got to our room we took a quick nap and then started right in with the conference and the Spanish schedule. Dinner that night was at 9 pm, and our last plenary session of the day started at 10 pm, not finishing till nearly midnight. Still, we really enjoyed the whole experience. We met a lot of people who are doing ministry all over Spain, and got to have an idea of what it is to do ministry here.

This is a picture of one of our worship times, which were really neat.

It is not super warm here in Spain, and has been raining our drizzling quite a lot. Still that did not keep us from venturing out to try to go to see the famous monastery of El Escorial, where all the Spanish kings are entombed. We did not go in as there was a really long line, but enjoyed it from the outside.

Our conference ended on Monday, and we are currently living with a Free Methodist missionary family in Madrid. We will keep you updated on our adventures!

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Kiki said...

YAY! You're in Spain...me, I'm just sitting here at work being envious:/ Hope it's wonderful (and that it has stopped raining).