Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Somewhere Inbetween

Last week Kevin and I made a whirlwind trip to Southern California. A good chunk of our time was spent representing LAM at a missions fair, but we were also able to connect with some of our friends as well as visit our church. Every time I visit I am reminded of how much I love our friends and how much I miss them. But even as I am missing our friends in Southern California, I love being with my family here in Northern California, and am excited about some of the new friendships we are developing here. To complicate things even further, Kevin and I are both really ready to be able to start our life in Spain, and if the support were in, we would be willing to move tomorrow.

As I feel tugged in every which way, I begin to question where it is exactly that we belong, and if we will ever feel truly settled. I am neither here, nor there. Still, despite the confusion that sometimes seems to reign supreme in my life, I feel blessed that there are so many places I would like to be, and that we have so many wonderful friends.

In less than a month, April 17th to be exact, we will fly to Mexico City for the summer to serve with Spearhead. We are excited to spend time with our Mexican family again, and to be working with students. We will be returning back to Northern California in mid-August. Please be praying that this summer will be a time where our vision is sharpened and our call is deepened.

Thank you so much for your friendship and support, it is invaluable to us!

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