Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Shower

Last night our family threw us our first baby shower. It was really fun, they put a lot of time and thought into everything and it was very special and meaningful. I am posting some of my favorite pics from the party – as you can see there was a lot of laughter!

Everything was super decorated, on the top of the cake is a picture of Kevin and I, and there was even jello in the form of a baby's bottle and a sleeping baby!

A close up of some of the decorations they made for us. :)
This was the "How fast can you dress your baby" game. All of the clothes were passed to us relay style by our teams -- you can't start passing the next item of clothing till the last one is correctly placed on the baby. I won since Kevin couldn't quite figure out the snaps!

This is the "How well can the blind-folded partner feed you baby food" game. We won, though I almost threw up. The flavor was not bad, (fruit dessert or something like that) but eating at that speed something which is all mashed up for you can definitey trigger the gag reflex!

Kevin had to practice being pregnant and complete a number of tasks like this. I have to say though, his baby looks a little like a torpedo! The game ended when the watermelon started to leak onto his stomach, yuck!

Our teams dressed us as babies, I think the girls won again, although we couldn't quite get my diaper to fit correctly!

Mirna (my Mexican sister) and I, she is 14 weeks pregnant, I am 30 weeks.

Most of the group all crowded together to take a photo. I love these guys!


Candy said...

They play some fun games. What a celebration and wonderful decorations. You should put the pics on Facebook.

Amy said...

Loved the pictures from the baby shower...

We are looking forward to meeting baby Book-Satterlee soonish.

PS - If you update your blog, would you guys be willing to add the option to "follow" you guys? I know I would love it because your blog updates would automatically pop up on my dashboard.

Thanks and Lots of Love!