Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun Daddy-Daughter Moment

One of my favorite parts about being a father is watching Eliana take in the world.  The times when she is awake without gas discomfort, alert but without needing to eat; they are an inredible time to just stare around and take in the world.  The best moment is when she's looking at me.  Most of the time she's not looking at me, it seems, but through me, but then for a moment her eyes will lock on mine and we have an incredible moment of Daddy-Daughter connection.

Last night we had one of those moments.  At 3:45 am, while having finished eating, I was laying with Eliana, drifting in and out of sleep.  She on the other hand was alert, content and quietly taking in the world.  I happened to pop my eyes open and she was looking at me!  She is sooo beautiful.  Snuggling in close, nose-to-nose for eskimo kisses, I began to tell her what I hope to tell her every moment I get the chance, three simple words:  "I lo..."

The three simple words never came out of my mouth, for at that moment, our non-spit-up baby, decided to project her first spit-up directlly into her daddy's mouth.  Yummy.

"I'll just take that as an 'I love you' Eliana," I mumbled, mouth still full of baby spit-up.


erin said...

oh wow! I bet you woke up quickly!

Candy said...

Awww. Poor Daddy. I feel for you.

Pedro said...

menos mal que esto no es una costumbre de la gente adulta!

Patrick said...

haha my cousin Andy did that to my uncle Tim when Andy was a baby. I'm hoping it doesn't become a family trend ;-)

Baughman Family said...

I can't help but laugh...sorry! You'll remember that story for a while:)