Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Being Thankful

We have so much to be thankful for as we close out this year.  While not everything has been joyous or easy, the blessings have outweighed the not-so-blessings.

Things We Are Thankful For:
ELIANA ANAI BOOK-SATTERLEE - our incredibly beautiful little girl.  We are thankful that she is healthy and growing.  Her smile brights up a room.  She is evidence of God's incredible gifts and grace.

Place to Stay - thanks to Lillian, Dan and Lawrence.  We are thankful for family who has taken us in and the many family and friends who would also be willing to do so if there had been a need.  We're blessed to be able to pursue our calling as intensly as we are able thanks to this blessing.

Spiritual Growth - lifegroup, new friends, connections with old friends.  We have been blessed this year to keep up with friends and family across the world, each of you has helped us to grow spiritually and fortify our continued running towards our call.  We are blessed by our Marrieds lifegroup and those who help pour into our marriage and family on a weekly basis.

Support - we're moving on up.  We have a goal to be at 20% of needed funds by Christmas.  While this goal seemed a bit tough, we've been moving closer and closer and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet.  We're so blessed by the generosity.  Aside from committed support many churches and individuals have agreed to meet with us to consider partnering in our ministry.

Freedom - country and religion.  We can only be truly freed to minister internationally because we've been given the gift of freedom.  We can prepare and pray openly without fear of persecution.  We are thankful for this blessings (and remember those who are not so fortunate).  We are prepared well due to education in which we've been granted the economic freedoms to pursue.  We do not take these liberties lightly, and want to thank all that provide for these freedoms as we strive harder and harder to become servants of the Lord's Kingdom.

Good News - Gospel and calling.  We remember this Thanksgiving that we are to live in worshipful thanks.  Give thanks to the Lord! must be our cry.  As we live trying to be thankful for all we have, we are freed to serve the Kingdom proclaiming the Good News with our lives.

Let us know how you are thankful this year, that we might pray for these things and celebrate with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jenilee said...

I enjoyed reading your post! so much to be thankful for. we are currently children's pastors but full time missions is in our future. I always love reading someone else's story about missions. thanks!