Monday, January 4, 2010

1st Benchmark Met

After reviewing monies coming in and monies recently promised, we are glad to announce that just a bit after our Christmas goal we can account for 20% of our needed pledges in order to go to Spain.  This is fantastic and an incredible blessing.

Our next benchmark is a biggy.  We'd like to be at 70% of our needed pledges by the end of February.  This is another ambitious goal, but we are pressing forward and watching God's provision and timing.  We have some opportunities to share with churches over the next two months.  Please be praying for these fruitful times.

February contains Valentines Day, a day of celebrating love.  We would like to put out a challenge for pledges as a Valentine's Day gift in loving Spain and God's work there.

If you are considering giving financially, would like to learn more about or ministry and the vision God has given us and/or are willing to make a once a week commitment to fast a meal for us, please let us know.

Also, we are trying to raise up a team of intercessors for Spain.  If interested, we'd like those committed to prayer to give up one meal a month in prayer for God's work in Spain.

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