Friday, March 19, 2010

Absent but Not Absent Minded

February and March have been big months for us.  Hence the neglect of the blog.  For those following along with our journey here, forgive us.  Know that good things have come and are in the works!

We've been focusing very hard on the support-raising process, and have been speaking at some churches.  We've spoken at an Episcopal Church and our home church in Oroville.  This Sunday we'll be speaking at a church in Upland, CA.  Good responses have been very encouraging.

Some of you might want to know where we are at in the support-raising process.  We're at a place in the hand of God.  ( wanted to know the percentage?  We are projecting about 45-50% currently)

Support-raising, for most missionaries, is the least enjoyable part of the ministry.  For us, I would say it is also the least enjoyable part of the ministry.  But, if the least enjoyable is as fruitful as it is spiritually, then bring on the fun stuff.  You see, in hard economic times, who knows where the money will come from, let alone for Spain (God, couldn't you have called us to a place where we could live off of a few bucks a day, not to where the Euro is dominating the dollar?), but we've been in a place to see God truly provide.

It's not like everyday is some peaceful day at rest in the palm of God, but 5 out of 7 days of the week truly are days of rest and anxiety-free.  We do our part, we act and work as we are able, fervently connecting with folks and speaking at churches, but God has directed.  It is amazing to walk into a church, of course hoping that some people will support you, and yet being at peace that God will have it taken care of, even if nobody is willing or able to support.

It is a time of great blessing and great stretching, and both times are generally anxiety free when we are resting on Him who has sent us.

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