Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The "Swing" of Following the Call

Leah and I just watched a Bones episode where my favorite character - Hodgins - takes another character - Angela - out on a date to the park for a swing ride.  How fun.  Swings are fun.  They get less exhilerating as I get older, but there is still some silly fun to be had.  Up and down and up.  Momentum is built by a push and others by sheer work of pumping your legs.

The time of support-raising is like a lengthy swing ride.  We have our ups and our downs.  At times we feel like we are soaring, not even having to move our legs and other times it seems that the hinges of our knees don't create enough momentum to pump.  Sometimes it feels like we have an incredible cosmic push and other times like a cosmic weight teathered by a cosmic force of gravity.

Some days it feels like both!

No matter how much you are swinging, however, the view remains.  Sometimes its a view from 10 feet up in the air, which you catch for a momentary gleam and others it is the view from below.

The swing is the beat of life with its starts, stops and ups and downs.  Life is full of ups and downs and weights and freedom.  We have the opportunity sit in the swing and see the view from whatever angle.  We are called, and whether swinging at the top or sitting low at the bottom, we see the Kingdom we've been called to and we gain experiencing in trusting God in the incredible ride, and trusting God even more in patience as we sit and wait at the bottom of the swing.

So God has taken us on a date to the swing.  And like in Bones, a swing for a date is just a very fine date indeed.

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