Saturday, July 31, 2010

Buying to Dress Spanish

Today is sale day at JC Penny's and we happen to have a beloved cousin who works there with extra fun discounts.  Today we also researched typical wear for life in Spain.  One thing that is astronomical is the clothing cost in Spain, sometimes up to three times as much!  So we decided to aprovechar (take advantage of) the local, cheaper consumerism.

In Spain, unless we're on the beach...
...Kevin trades flip-flops for leather shoes with rubber bottoms (so every site advises).  Check (already owned).
...Kevin trades t-shirts for collared shirts - polos, short-sleeve and long-sleeve button downs.  Check.
...we trade shorts for slacks (Kevin) or skirts (Leah)...not the other way around.  Check.
...we keep jeans on more relaxed days.  CHECK (phew).
...we trade in windbreaker jackets for something nicer...fur coat (Leah) and leather (Kevin).  Sucks to the animals.  No Check.
...we trade cute baby clothes for the very same cute baby clothes (sometimes 3-4 times more).  Check.

Our work in Spain will put us in the position of meeting a diverse mix of people... students - (probably) nerds, budding anarchists, entrepreneurs, and the who knows what I want to do folk.  For this group:  younger wear, but not too young.
...older folk (as in older than university students) - ministry professionals, business professionals, professors, shop owners, immigration and other government officials.  For this group:  nice shirt, slacks and possibly a tie (Kevin), elegant and "autumn colors" dress or skirt and top (Leah).
...multi-cultural - North African Muslims, Latin Americans, West Africans, Romanians, Russians, Western Europeans, USAmericans, and probably many others.  For this group:  nicer clothes rather than casuals.

And those vacations to the mountains, something active.  To the beach - FLIP-FLOPS & SHORTS!!!  (Boy will we miss those!)

So after today, we didn't get everything, but hopefully enough to begin fitting in.  We won't have the hottest Spanish brand names, but as long as they fit well, then we should be just fine.

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