Monday, December 20, 2010

Rain, Advent and Preparation

It is a dreary day in Northern California with an onslaught of rain to come.  The weather for Granada, Spain is almost identical today.  That is one little similarity in where we are and where we are going that reminds us that God's plan is congruent.

Advent has gone by quick this year, as it seems to every year.  The advent festivities almost always overthrow advent contemplation of Christ's birth.  For us, this advent is a time for celebration, contemplation and preparation.  We are able to celebrate God's hand in getting us closer to Spain.  Our support has gone up consistently in November and early December.  It is time for us to contemplate the effects of the move in a few short months.  And it is time for preparation.

Preparation:  Kevin is headed to Granada in the middle of January to meet with ministry mentors there and finalize paperwork for the long-term residency visa.  There he will be doing some leg and camera work, exploring Granada for areas to live, and understanding practical things like transportation.  In that time, he is going to go schedule a prayer walk, that God would guide us, prepare us and begin preparing our ministry there.

Contemplation:  Just over fourteen months ago on a day much like today, the rain came down hard, the wind blew and we missed it as we stared at our new little baby girl.  The effect of seeing an infant in our arms has not worn off, and this Christmas we think again of Mary and Joseph as they held their little baby boy.  God did so much with so little.  We look to see how He will use us in his ministry continuing from that day and before.  Even more, we look forward to seeing how God will use Eliana in ministry.

Celebrations:  We thank God for Christmas, for Jesus, for family.  We have been severely blessed over these last two and a half years.  We celebrate those who have been around to support us with physical needs, emotional needs and spiritual needs.  Each person, whether they believe it or not, has a little bit of Emmanuel, God within them.  Christ walks in the hearts and actions of others, and ministers through those who do an do not know him.  We've felt Emmanuel - Christ with us and we celebrate.

Merry Christmas from the Book-Satterlees.  Celebrate.  Contemplate.  Prepare.

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