Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hot & Dry, Hot & Humid

This week God has answered a financial prayer for us, covering our present needs before moving to Spain.  We've committed ourselves since coming back from Mexico to getting to Spain as quickly as possible.  This has meant passing up some pretty amazing opportunities, opportunities that would have severely tardied our departure for Spain.  Our organization has generously thrown work my (Kevin) way in the areas of networking and recruitment, which has helped to sustain us.  Now they've come up with a pre-field offer that is even more generous.

We were asked to move to Miami until we move to Spain.  There I would be asked to help coordinate the restructure of recruitment and mobilization and help to put things in place for a new team to carry LAM forward on that front.  It is something I've been passionate about and spoken into (often without solicitation) for the last 3 years.  I feel very honored to have been asked.  But Miami was just not going to be feasible.

Like I mentioned above, we've passed on attempting some amazing career opportunities because we know that God has called us to the field.  Being in Miami would not be so bad, but our support-base and contacts are on the West Coast.  We still have support work to do.  It is not all just document procurement for us these days.  With the dollar to euro ratio slipping into a wider chasm in value, the support-raising is all the more important.

Thankfully, while our family cannot move to Miami, our president asked me to come up with a counter proposal, which he has accepted.  This proposal will allow me to work from home for more than half of the month.  It will also require me to travel to Miami each month for a week to 10 days.  That is a lot, and our family will miss each other greatly, but we know that God has indeed been answering our prayers (and my frustrations).

Chico is over 100 degrees in the summer, sometimes reaching 110 or higher.  But it is dry.  Miami is "cooler" in general - about 95 degrees or so, but with a humidity that is what I would call unGodly making it feel like 110 degrees or more.  It is going to be a hot summer (it is pretty hot, though dry, in Spain as well).  What is warming of the soul is to see how God provides.

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