Friday, March 29, 2013

Home Again

After spending some wonderful time with family in California for the memorial of Kevin's grandfather, the Book-Satterlee clan hopped on an airplane and flew back to Mexico City. In the few days we have been back we have hit the ground running, especially as school is out for Easter Break and our Mexican family has been taking full advantage of being able to spend more time together. On Wednesday evening they put together a Noche de Talentos, or Talent Night. Mostly it involved watching how cute our kids are singing and dancing, but some of the adults got into it too. There were lots of laughs and also yummy food!

Because of visitors, trips, and work business I feel as if I have not been able to reflect during this lenten season as I would have liked. I cannot believe that in only a few days it will be Easter. I spent a lot of time preparing Eliana for Christmas and reflecting on Christ's birth, but I feel as if I have missed the boat with Easter, which really is the most amazing part of our Savior's story. Last year we did an Easter egg hunt, and hidden in each egg was an element of Jesus' death and resurrection. Even though we have missed the opportunity for some of the reflection leading up to this point I hope to experience this tradition again. Do you have any family or personal traditions you follow during the Easter season? I would love to hear your ideas!

Please be praying for Kevin because he will be preaching this Sunday. Different from the United States, Easter Sunday is really a hit or miss day as far as church attendance goes. Sometimes there might be a large group, and sometimes it might be almost empty (as most Mexicans vacation during Holy Week). We are praying that no matter what the attendance that God will work through Kevin sharing the amazing truth of our Savior's death and resurrection and draw people closer to Himself.

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