Wednesday, May 29, 2013

San Pablito

One of the most exceptional opportunities we have, simply by living in a country that is not our own, is the ability to see aspects of who our God is through the eyes and lives of his people, people who are different from us culturally yet who put their faith in the same One we do. I am constantly learning more about our God as I watch his people seek to live for Him in their context.  On Saturday we had the opportunity to see a piece of a new context when we visited the town of San Pablito to celebrate the first anniversary of the church there.

San Pablito is a little town in the mountains of Puebla, a state to the east of Mexico City. It is primarily inhabited by a people group called the Otomi. Like many Mexican indigenous groups the Otomi face many challenges, especially economically. Many have left their hometowns to make their way in Mexico City but, isolated from their communities, life is rarely easier. Often people will drift back and forth between their home town and the city. The church in San Pablito has been strongly supported by a ministry from our church called Corazón Valiente, or Brave Heart. The ministry seeks to walk alongside the indigenous groups who come to the city, by creating relationships, promoting the education of their children, and advocating for them, all the while sharing God's hope and love. Throughout the year, members of Corazón Valiente team visit the different home communities of the indigenous groups with whom they work.

Saturday was our first visit to San Pablito, but I hope it won't be our last. The drive into the mountains of Puebla was breathtaking.

We stopped at a river near San Pablito to celebrate several baptisms!

Then we headed to the church for a service, visiting, and lots of fun. 

Owen was EXTREMELY popular. He handled it well. :)

All in all we enjoyed ourselves immensely and hope to be able to return soon. :)

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