Thursday, September 6, 2007

Midterms, Rain, and a Great Church

In nearly half an hour Leah and I will be leaving for a weekly prayer meeting at the church. I don´t understand too much of it, naturally, though I expect to catch more this week than last week and hope the trend continues. We really like our small little church. The people are very friendly and have good zest for life. I have been able to begin cultivating some friendships with a couple of the guys, mostly discussing music and how politics works in the respective countries, and whatever else I can muster in not even pidgeon Spanish, but relationships are growing. I look forward to seeing some friends tonight.

Midterms begin for my class tomorrow. We have to give an oral presentation for 5 minutes then answer other students´questions for 5 minutes. On Monday we then take our written exam, so likely I will be studying furiously this weekend.

The week has seen great improvement in my Spanish. I learned how to use verbs in a couple of different forms and despite my vocabulary deficiency I was able to communicate with the family and can continue to do so.

Rain...well I just like to say for those of you in Portland...I know your pain (or in my case joy) because it rains quite a bit here still. We lose the rain in October and then comes the smog from what we here. Also the cold.

That´s about it.

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