Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hair Styles

There are two types of hair styles for young men around my age that I´ve noticed and want to share (Kevin). I don´t have pictures, so you´ll just have to imagine.

First start with a shorter mullet, not super long in the back, but not buzzed on the top either. Just about an inch or two all around the top and back with shaved sides. Now bring those lines up a little higher so they could almost be considered a mohawk, but not quite, then gel the hair towards the middle from top to back, and there is the Mullet-Hawk...without gel it looks like a mullet.

The Receeder
Many men do not like to get the receeding hairline, however I have noticed now on multiple punk rockers the receeding hairline cut. This is for sure a cut as the prickles of the newly shaved head still stand. Take three fingers or so and put them at the existing hairline. Then mark the spot and start shaving from the front back. Leave the rest of the hair at whatever length it is and you have just got yourself the fashionable receeder.

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