Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Church and more...

Potluck at our church

The neighborhood around our church

More neighborhood

It´s raining!

After the rain
So these are some pictures of our church. We are really enjoying it. Although it is very small, (about 35 with adults and kids), the people are very warm and friendly. Last Sunday we had a potluck to celebrate the birthday of one of the girls in the church, fun! Our church is located in a lower economic neighborhood than where we live. It is up on the hill a bit and the view from our church window is amazing! The last two pictures were taken from there and they don´t really begin to capture the whole scene. We look forward to becoming more involved and getting to know people as time goes by.
I think that anyone who has experienced public transportation in other countries has had their idea of ´crowded´redefined. That has definitely been true for us here in Mexico. For instance, when we got on the bus today to go to school we were literally hanging out the door since we were one of the last ones on. It was like a ride at Disneyland! And then there is the subway/metro. When it is really crowded they separate the cars for men and women. I have found that the women here are tough cookies, they can really push! One day we were crammed in so tightly that I could barely breathe. I am a bit closterphobic and the only thing that kept me from freaking out was the fact that I´m basically a whole head taller than all the other women, so being able to see well helped me calm down! Life is never boring here!


Lawrence said...

Nice Pics. they are so fun to see.....

Lawrence said...

This is LIllian - read your letter to grandma and grandpa. we could relate to your claustraphobia! grandma smiled a lot and grandpa teared up. thank you

sam andress said...

Dude just reading that makes me claustraphobic! Can you get a picture next time!!!

Kevin I really miss you brotha! Email me when you get a chance. I don't think I have your correct email.

Love ya man!