Thursday, August 16, 2007

We've Arrived

With only a short delay from Phoenix to Mexico City, we have arrived, tired but excited. We met our Spearhead (short-term for LAM) director, our boss, and ate dinner with his family and began orientation. We were then dropped off at our home with our family.

I (Kevin) have been in a bit of a daze, attempting as hard as possible to listen to conversations and pick up on the language. I am suprised that I can follow some conversations not directed towards me, pretty well. However when people speak directly to me in Spanish I find myself at a loss. Hopefully language school starting Monday will help.

Still though my only Mexican (non-English speaking) friend is named Mimi. She seems to be taking advantage of me however and only wants me for my physical affection. She does not respond to my English well, when I tell her "no". I guess to her I'm speaking in Spanish as she rolls over to get her belly rubbed. I think we have a pretty good understanding of each other, but it is not a relationship that can go much deeper than a quick belly scratch and a lick of the hand.

A little humor, but before anything gets misconstrued, both Leah and I have been interacting with our family. Leah has been a great help to me in translation. After two days we are beginning to develop trust both ways. Hopefully my mistake of not turning the faucet the correct way when the water was out did not upset them. It made for quite the little problem when we were registering at school. Note to attention to the way the water turns on.

More later when we figure out our internet situation better. Thanks for the prayers. Please continue to pray for language acquisition and local navigation. (If Dave is reading this...public transportation is fantastic, even if you don't understand the signs.)


Lawrence said...

Im glad that you there safe and sound. I hope that you have a wonderful time there. And Kevin, i think that you will pick up spanish in no time. have fun....

erin said...

I'm glad you made it safely!

Sharon said...

Best of luck in this grand adventure - God bless you both!