Monday, August 27, 2007

Finally some pictures!

"Our" dog Mimi
Our Street
The Stairway to Heaven looking up!
The Stairway to Heaven looking down.
Kevin standing at the door of our little ´casita´on the roof!
So we finally have some pictures! I took some at our church too, but unfortunately the only way to transfer them is through putting them on a cd first and then bringing it to the internet cafe. Hopefully we will find a place where we can use our own computer and it will be much easier!
We are starting our second week of language school. It is going pretty well. We also visited our church for the second time and are hoping to start getting more involved there this week. Last week it was the birthday of one of the girls in the church so we had a potluck, fun! Everyone is so nice. We are really enjoying it. We are also enjoying getting to know the missionary couple who lives next to the church, they have been here for a couple of years with Free Methodist World Mission. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Think of us this week as we begin trying to establish relationships within our church with somewhat limited conversational skills!


Lawrence said...

Its really neat to see these pics of where you are. I will keep looking for more! talk to you later.

sam andress said...

Hey friends! Looks like a great I want to come visit! Kevin email me if you can....

Amy said...

I love seeing pictures of your life and of Kevin. I feel like I am able to share life with you guys, even in this small way. You are loved and missed. Josh and I are praying for you guys!

Brad & Danielle Dutsch said...

Hi Kevin & Lea,
So glad to read that you have arrived safe and sound in your host country. Wow, before you know it you'll both be speaking Spanish fluently!!! It's really a beautiful language. Have fun over there.

Lifting you up,
Danielle (and Brad)

Joel and Janette said...

Hi Kevin and Leah,

Glad to have you here. The blog looks good as do the pics. I've linked your blog to the mexicocitymission.blogspot one. See you soon,

The missionary couple across from the church. :)

Josh Whitler said...

beautiful.. love where you're staying. Me encanta Mexico. Me encanta Kevin y Leah.