Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, the last month or so has been pretty much a whirlwind. June 4th the summer students arrived, and we spent three intensive days orienting them to the city and then sent them off to live with their Mexican families. Now that the summer students are here our roles have morphed a little. Monday through Thursday they have Spanish classes. As the Spanish assistant I help Nydia, my boss, organize everything with the teachers, tutor when necessary, and also help in the training of teachers for next summer. Once a week we have large group meetings, and each of us meets weekly with a smaller group of students as well. Kevin is working on a recruiting strategy for the Spearhead Summer program. Part of my role is also meeting with a small group of girls one-on-one, which is something that I have really enjoyed. Of the summer students almost all are girls, there is only one guy! Yesterday after Spanish classes we took everyone to the Basilica of Guadalupe. The goal was to engage in silent evangelism, (basically prayer), and learn a little more of the cultural make-up. It was a really good experience. You can be praying because now that everyone has been here for almost a month, some are definitely experiencing some culture shock, or culture crashes (as they would say in Spanish)! Pray that students would be able to see their purpose here this summer, even as they are struggling with the language and cultural changes. Please also be praying for us as we are deciding what comes next. At this point we are planning on leaving in August, but it is still a possibility that we would return to Mexico or another Latin American country as long-term missionaries. Right now we feel like there are several doors, but we are still considering which is the door God wants us to walk through. Please pray that we will feel guidance from him and a peace. On a positive note it is hard to for us to believe that we only have a little over a month left here in Mexico. We have enjoyed our year here so much, and it has been a really refining experience for us both personally and as a couple. We really love it here. One other piece of exciting news, well especially for us, is that we have internet in our house! Yippeee! :) It is a really nice blessing. Hopefully one result of this blessing will be more frequent blog posts, even though there is only a month left! Thanks so much for your thoughts prayers.

:) Leah

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