Sunday, June 29, 2008

Isaiah 58

Our Spearhead theme this summer is Restore based on Isaiah 58, specifically verse 12. In our leadership meetings we have been meditating and reflecting on the entire chapter. It is a powerful chapter and has some very instructive points for discipleship. I (Kevin) have some poems of mine that were either inspired by this chapter or fits with the theme.

Dumpster Diving

Forage through all that people discard
Pull out rancid and good fruits;
Separate them.
One in the compost heap to be redeemed
The other consume as a treasure for strength.
Pull out old, stained and dirty clothes
De-thread them if need be to make something
New; cut them as wash rags or patches for
Torn clothing; redeem your own wardrobe.
Assist the cowarding homeless woman,
Abused, stained and discarded by abusive men.
Help her to her feet. Separate the sins from the sinner
And love. Let Christ come to redeem her.
Feast and dine with the whore, bearing the redeemed
Fruits. Clothe her with the fine thread reused.
Reclaimed. Let God’s treasures mimic your own
And pull them from the refuse for redemption;
For life anew.


Do not hide from your own kin
Your own flesh and blood
Breathed into by the very Lord
That rose elephants form the dust
Planned the mechanics of the moon and sea
The creator of the waves
And beating hearts
Do not hide from your own kin


To be tender in rest
Is to be holy on the Lord’s day

Sabbath is not to not work
But to forget about your worries

Religious laws become the stumbling path
For those that count their Sabbath steps

Be devoid of selfish interest on this day
And be in tune with the father

The sun-down fast in not piety
But preparation for the Word of the Lord

Keep Holy the Sabbath by forgoing yourself
And see to it the Lord’s day is for

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