Monday, July 7, 2008

Turning Point

Now that we are officially into July the summer is at a turning point. The first half of this summer was really dominated by organizing Spanish classes, group meetings, and individual coaching sessions. On Thursday all of the Spearheaders graduated from their Spanish classes and are moving into a time of full-time ministry for the rest of the summer. The graduation ceremony was really neat, every class presented a skit or a project and it was really cool to see how everyone had grown, especially those in the Basic class that came with practically no Spanish.

With Spanish classes behind us, Kevin and I will have a week to get a lot of little details done. We are working on how we want to say good-bye to people. That may sound strange, but it is really important to us for a couple of reasons. First, here in Mexico both greeting people and saying good-bye is extremely important, no matter where you are (church, visiting a friend, a party etc.). If you do not greet or say good-bye to pretty much every person, it is almost like a personal insult. Second, everyone here is really precious to us and we are going to miss them all a LOT! I have definitely gone through different stages of homesickness in this past year, but for the past few months I have been incredibly content to just be here. I love Mexico City and I love the people here. It will be a big adjustment to move to whichever place is next for us.

On the "what's next agenda" please be praying for us this week, because we have made a commitment that we are going to make some narrowing down decisions by Friday, and are also hoping to buy our plane ticket for wherever that might be. We really covet your prayers in this process. It has been long and arduous at times, trying to figure out what is next. I have definitely had a couple of break down moments, but overall I thank God and give him praise, because mostly it has been marked by a sense of real peace in both of us. I have definitely been learning so much about being patient, about hope, about prayer, and about praise. God is so faithful.

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