Thursday, July 17, 2008

Compass Week

This week Kevin and I are eating, sleeping, living and serving with a group of 19 high schoolers! It has been a great experience, but a little exhausting. I am actually not with them now because I am feeling a little sick, so if you read this blog soon, please pray that I feel better and am able to finish the week out strong. We are working closely with eight of those students. We act as translators and guides for their experience here, we are working at a home for street boys that is located more or less close to our church. It has been an amazing experience. We feel very privileged that we have this opportunity. On Tuesday we talked about the parable of the prodigal son, and it was cool because one of the house uncles interjected to let us know that many of the boys really have lived out this parable. The home where the boys lived is open, they can come and go as they wish, they are not forced to be there, and there is not limit on their time. Some boys have literally grown up there and now live on their own and have their own families. When Tio Martin (the house uncle) asked how many boys had left the home and then returned, about 15 or so of them raised their hands. The two main house parents/uncle and aunt (as they call them), are absolutely amazing leaders and teachers who really are like the father in the parable. I have learned a lot this week.

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