Sunday, July 27, 2008

Soaking it in....

Knowing that we are entering our last full week here in Mexico, Kevin and I are just trying to soak up every minute. This morning we went to church with our family (since we said good-bye to our church right before Compass week). One of the really convenient things about their church is that it is about two minutes away driving, and about fifteen walking. This afternoon we all ate pozole together to celebrate Nereyda's (one of our Mexican sisters) birthday. Pozole is a very yummy, and very Mexican dish. It is often eaten around Mexico's independence day, September 15/16. It is sort of like a broth with either pork or chicken, and something that seems like really extra large kernels of corn. You then add lettuce, chopped up onions, sour cream, avocado, and oregano. All of that is topped off with a tostada (which is like a really big tortilla chip). It is super yummy, hopefully we will be finding a pozole place when we get back to the States. Another cultural tradition here for birthdays is to have cake and jello (instead of ice cream). I never knew that there were so many creative ways to do jello, I have definitely learned a lot of them here in Mexico! We sang happy birthday, the traditional Mexican version, and the Mexican Christian version and then ate our cake and jello. I love our family so much and will really, really miss them. However, I will always treasure memories of days like these when we can all get together to eat and just enjoy one another's company.

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