Friday, January 30, 2009


Last night at one in the morning we arrived home from Miami. We attended a ten-day orientation with our mission, Latin America Mission. Many or our days were spent sitting down listening to various speakers on subjects from budgets to spiritual warfare. On the weekend, however, we had a chance to go camping, relax, and enjoy being in the outdoors.

Overall we came away from the experience feeling better equipped for the road ahead and excited to work towards our goals of serving this summer in Mexico, and then moving to
Spain long-term by the end of this year.

Hopefully I will be sending an e-mail update in the next week that will give you a little bit more of a taste of the past two months, our Spain trip, Christmas vacation, and Orientation.

We are now back in Northern California. As I sit here I am watching a spectacular sunset and enjoying relative peace and quiet (relative because there are four dogs who like to bark any time someone walks in the door!). Please pray for us as we settle back in here in California for a time.

Blessings! :) Leah

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