Monday, October 25, 2010

Beginning Work Today

I (Kevin) have done some recruiting for LAM in the past while we have been in the fundraising process.  This has allowed us to stay connected with our organization and allows us to lay the foundation for the program we will be instituting in Spain.  Today I begin working for them again, having taken the summer off to work solely on fundraising.

We are blessed to be able to work for LAM, and I'm thankful to have had a skillset in recruitment and strategy that allows for me to be employed part-time.  Not only does it give me added focus, but we have the opportunity to be even more proactive about our time in Spain before we even get there.  This for us is an incredible advantage.

The urgency to get to Spain is still high, however.  Working is not easing the way, but rather makes it all the more apparent to where we are called and our desire to get there continues to grow.  We are projected to be at 70% of our support goal currently, which is fantastic.  About 60% of that is coming in, but the other 10% is promised.  Tomorrow we set the foundations for visa acquisition in a meeting with LAM's new Vice President of Ministries.  We have already begun the FBI background check required for the visa process.

Departure is next to immanent.  We do not have a departure date yet, however that is coming soon.  We need to raise the additional 30% of our needed funds and obtain the appropriate paperwork.

Please be praying with us as we push forward that the funds will come in and that the paperwork process will go smoothly.  If you know of anybody who might be interested in meeting us and our ministry, we are always looking for partners.  Please be praying for any people in your life that might wish to partner with our ministry, and to be a part of shaping and developing university students from the US, Spain and all over the globe to recognize God's call in their lives and pursue His Kingdom.

We are very excited, very motivated, and feel the blessings of urgency in our departure.  Thank you for your support, be they prayer, financial, referral or all three.

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