Thursday, October 7, 2010

There We Go A-Travelin'

Christmas is gearing up for the commerce-side of things, which makes me (Kevin) think about rushing Thanksgiving to make sure it doesn't get overtaken.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so back from our trip to Houston, here are some thanks and updates.

Thankful for:
-Some new one-time donors coming on board.
-Some new monthly donors coming on board.
-Great trip down to Cupertino and LA in September (good friends, family and contacts)
-Great trip down to Cupertino (Kevin), Florida (Leah & Eliana) and Houston (all of us - good friends, family and contacts)
-The upcoming 1st birthday of Eliana (who is a great traveler!)

We are projected to be just over 70% of our goal.  We have begun the FBI background check for our resident visas in Spain.  We are learning patience and staying excited for what God has for us.

Things to be praying for:
-Eliana's 1st birthday
-The remaining 30% to be projected and start coming in
-Upcoming travels
-Partnership organization in Spain
-Visa process

As we return from Houston, we sing (to the tune of "Here We Come A'Carolin') There We Go A'Travelin' and we are very Thankful for where God has us.

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