Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Heading to Spain in Less than a Week

Next Monday I (Kevin) get to go to Spain.  I will be attending one day of board meetings with a missions training organization based in Malaga.  I will have the opportunity to meet some theological educators, which will be fun, but also I will have the opportunity to meet with the head of the organization who is going to provide our sponsoring visa paperwork.  Much prayer has gone into this placement and we are excited to get it down.  Following that day I will be heading to Granada, where we will be living.  This will be a time for exploration, to get to know the city, where we might want to live and pray for the people who will touch our lives and whose lives we hope to impact.  I will also get to meet with the man who will serve as our boss during our transition year(s).  Much prayer has gone into this relationship as well.

Please be praying for this time, that all the documentation we need will come through so that we can make our appointment on the 18th of January with the consulate in San Francisco (it is the day after I return from Spain.)  Please pray for Leah and Eliana as they do not get to join me on this trip.

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