Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back From Spain, Final Countdown

I (Kevin) am back from Spain!  It was a great trip and crucial to our placement in Spain.  I was able to formally meet future key relationships for ministry and legal residency.  At the beginning of this process we were "gearing up."  Now it is time to "countdown."

At the beginning of this process we needed to raise $5518/mo.  We have now gotten close and only need to raise $773/mo!

Ministry Placement:
At the beginning of this process we were headed to Madrid, then Valencia or Sevilla, then Malaga, and now to Granada (with a likely future move to Malaga).  We now have the key relationships in place to be mentored while learning the language and the culture and to begin planning and planting Spearhead - Spain, the practical missions training program.

Visa Procurement:
At the beginning of this process we had no partnership to invite us formally for our visa, nor the required monthly necessary funds for sustainability of our program.  Now we have reached the required funds to seek out our visa and have the inviting organization to serve as our legal reference in Spain.

It has been a very exciting and long process, full of unsurities, anxieties and much testing of our faith.  We are in the final stretch it seems and the various countdowns will begin.  Soon enough we will know when to buy our tickets to move and a daily countdown can begin.  Please be praying for all the final pieces to come together and for us to begin the daily countdown until departure.

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