Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ever since Kevin and I got married over four years ago we have been journeying on a path of God's calling.  While we have always been certain of the path, we have not always been certain about where it leads. For quite some time both of us have yearned for an "arrival" to a destination. Currently that destination is Spain. More than anything I think that both of us are ready to leave the nomadic life and plant roots somewhere, to have a place of our own, a community to invest in over a long period of time, and to be involved with the ministry we love.

Somehow, however, it seems that the "destination" eludes us. It is always just a little further ahead, but just like the rainbow's end when you "arrive" the destination has moved once more.  Little by little God seems to be revealing that HE alone is our destination and we can reach that destination wherever we are on the road of life. We will always have that longing to "arrive," but the truth is that that longing won't be completely fulfilled until we're in the physical presence of our Creator one day. In the mean time we walk forward, continually convinced that right now God is leading us on the path towards Spain, but he can bring us fulfillment and contentment (e.g. Philippians 4:11-13) wherever we are on that path  as we lift our eyes to him, the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

On a side note Eliana is growing like crazy, she is definitely not our "little baby" any more. She has about 30 spoken words in her vocabulary (plus some signed), and every day she tries to repeat new ones. Below are a couple of pictures, the first is her Tio Lawrence right before they went back to college, we took him out for milk shakes at Shubert's (contrary to this picture, Eliana only got sips, not the whole milk shake!). The second is the first time I was able to pull all her hair back in "big girl" pig tails. It isn't a great picture, but it's hard to get her to hold still now a days. :)

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