Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy Week and Date Night

This week was a full one for the Book-Satterlee family. Between meetings, classes, and just normal responsibilities of life we were going from event to event, but it was good. On Tuesday after school Eliana was delighted to have her best friend Ana and Ana's brother Andres over for the afternoon and evening.
Paul and Nydia, Ana and Andres' parents, had to drive about 3 1/2 hours in order to fill out paperwork for their van which was stolen months ago. The van was actually found some time ago, but bureaucrats have been reluctant to give it back. For months Paul and Nydia have spent whole days filling out paperwork going from one place to another in order to recover the van. Now the judge in charge of the car will make a decision whether they can have the vehicle or not. If he decides to give it to them they have to pay a fine for the government keeping the car for them, close to $1500! He could also decide that he isn't going to give the car  back, in which case the insurance will pay Paul and Nydia for the loss of the van. Please be praying that the judge makes a decision quickly so that this difficult situation doesn't continue to stretch out, requiring both time and money for Paul and Nydia.

On Friday afternoon Paul and Nydia took Eliana so that Kevin and I could go on a date. We had been wanting to see a particular movie for a long time, but hadn't had a chance. In the end we went to three different theaters before we finally were able to find it in English at a decent time. It was quite the adventure. After living on the farm where baby-sitters abound, we have been quite spoiled. Although we have supportive family and friends here in Mexico, the baby-sitting availability isn't the same as what it was in California, so Kevin and I have had to be more creative about how to spend time together alone. It also has brought up some difficulty in participating in events with church etc. In a city as large as Mexico people don't often leave their children with baby-sitters, rather with family members. We are hoping to become involved in a marriage course offered through our church on Saturday mornings that lasts about a month and a half, but again we don't know who to find to care for Eliana. Please pray for us as we look into options, that we might find someone that we can both trust and that Eliana enjoys.

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