Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sickness and Farmer's Markets

So....I am already a little late on my New Year's resolution to post at least once a week. My plan had been to post on Friday, however, the littlest member of our family woke up having thrown up and running a fever. Thus far whenever Eliana has a fever (which hasn't been that often), she pretty much wants to be in my arms, on top of me ALL DAY LONG! Other than the fact that my baby is sick, there is a part of me that enjoys this time because normally she isn't such a cuddle bug. However we literally didn't move off the bed on Friday the entire day and she dozed on and off on my chest. We also watched a LOT of her most recent favorite show, Dragon Tales. Normally she is lucky to watch maybe one episode a day. I won't even mention how many episodes she watched on Friday :).  Yesterday her fever was gone, but her clingy-ness was not, needless to say, by this morning I am ready for a little bit of alone time.

One of the things that I really like about Mexico are the tianguis. Tianguis are outdoor markets that sell fruit and veggies, clothes, toys, make up, shoes, items for the house, music, movies, you name it, they probably have it. We have a huge one that is only a few streets up from us every weekend. The only thing a little disappointing about most tianguis is that the people who sell the fruits and veggies are not the farmers, nor in any way really connected to the food. There is a HUGE, and I mean blocks and blocks and blocks, market here in the city called el Central de los Abastos. Truckloads of produce are brought there from all over Mexico, and then the intermediaries -- those who sell at the tianguis, come and buy the food there and then re-sell it on the street. One of the things that I have learned recently is that I prefer to know as much about my food as possible. I want to know what it is I am putting in my body. This morning for the first time I am going to visit an organic tiangui that deals only with direct producers, that is to say, everyone who is part of it is a farmer/producer. This particular tiangui only meets twice a month on Sundays, so it has been difficult for me to go. But since our church starts a little on the later side, 11 am, I am going to go first to the market and then come back to watch Eliana so Kevin can go to church. It will be some nice alone time, and I am also excited to see what this market is like.

Happy Sunday!

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