Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sickness and such...

This last week and a half has been super difficult for our family as both Eliana and Owen have come down with bronchitis. Learning how to deal with medical issues in a new country/culture has been interesting. While a lot of more "traditional" (in the sense of go to the doctor get an antibiotic etc.) is available here, we have been investigating homeopathy. Homeopathic doctors and pharmacies are fairly common here in Mexico City. While I had never really considered homeopathy in the States, friends here often use it as the first line of defense rather than going straight to the regular doctor. So far our experience has been great, but it definitely is different.

The first big difference is the amount of time the doctor spends with us. Both homeopaths we have seen have a very relaxed, unrushed approach, asking us lots of questions about all aspects of our lives. It isn't uncommon that an appointment might last an hour. The second big difference is the frequency of the dosis. Often we have to be giving the kids their medicine every half hour or every few hours. The third big difference is how often we talk to our doctor. It isn't uncommon that we check in daily, or sometimes more than once a day to let her know how the kids are doing.

In some ways the homeopathic approach is more work on our side, but I also have been pleased to be able to treat our kids up to this point without having to give them any antibiotics (in my book this is a plus). I have wondered why homeopathy seems to be more popular here than my experience in the States, and I think that part of it comes down to relationship. Relationship is everything here, and homeopathy is definitely a more relational way of healthcare. Homeopathy tends to investigate your health as a whole, and closely monitors changes in symptoms, changing accordingly. On the other hand, it is super easy to acquire prescription drugs here without a prescription! People self medicate all the time. There are also plenty of very good traditional (as in traditional like the States) who take very good care of people as well. All in all healthcare here is complex, but we have enjoyed exploring a new (for us) side of things. Please be continuing to pray that soon we will be back on our feet again (and sleeping at night!).

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