Friday, February 1, 2013

Oweing Tamales

Tomorrow is February 2nd, and the Book-Satterlee family has a massive tamales debt.  Our Christmas decorations are down, but tomorrow marks the end of the Christmas season - where we will celebrate with tamales.  On King's Day (January 6th) we cut a rosca or a sweet bread baked in a round with our Mexican family.  Inside there are little dolls, and if the piece you get has a doll in it, you are the one who provides tamales.  Well, in the three times that we cut a rosca with our family, I (Kevin) got three dolls and Eliana got two.  So we're up to our eyeballs in tamales debt.  (RANDOM LANGUAGE NOTE:  The singular of tamales is not tamale, but tamal.)

It is just this type of little fiesta that reminds us how great we have it here, with deep relationships with our Mexican family, growing friendships, and our local church.  Our time with Avance is always affirming, and we love the mission and vision of LAM.  What a great way to begin the year!

It hasn't been all good, as Owen is still recovering from bronchitis (going on three weeks) and Eliana is also on the tail end of her recovery from bronchitis as well.  Leah and I have maybe averaged about 3 hours of broken sleep a night for the past 3 weeks.  TIRED!!!  So we hope to close the sicko chapter with the close of January and the Christmas season and look forward to February.  What a way to close it out ... TAMALES!!!!  YUM!!!

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