Sunday, February 17, 2013

Retrasos and Recovery

Unfortunately, after my last post of how wonderful the road to recovery was, Eliana was hit by a nasty virus that left her unable to keep anything down for about a week. This was really our first experience with a stomach virus for such a prolonged period of time. We watched our happy, active, talkative little girl change so dramatically she could barely stand, talk or smile and she spent most of the day on the couch asleep. The virus also eventually got to Owen, but in a much lighter form.

The kicker of it all was that we had bought plane tickets to visit part of our Mexican family (from the family that originally hosted us when we arrived in 2007) who live in Cancun. Kevin worked over Christmas break so we never were able to have a vacation together as a family, and when we found discounted tickets we went ahead and bought them. In the end it was a close call whether or not we should countinue with our trip as planned, but because Eliana was showing good signs of improving we went ahead and flew to Cancun on Thursday. 

Thankfully, since we have been here in Cancun Eliana has improved dramatically (mostly due to her ability to keep food down). We watched our little girl come back and we are so grateful to have her like her old self. We are also extremely thankful for the opportunity to rest together as a family. I will update more about our trip in the following week.

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