Friday, September 13, 2013

He's One!

It hardly seems possible that a year ago this happened! I feel so privileged to be Owen's mom. One of my favorite moments from the early days was the day we brought him home from the hospital and Eliana met him for the first time! It is fun to watch as their relationship continues to develop, each day they love to be with one another more and more. I treasure my sibling relationships so much and I look forward to seeing Eliana and Owen grow in theirs.

Owen continues to be a happy, smiley boy. Everywhere I bring him people comment on what a happy baby he is, that and his blue eyes! He loves animals with a passion, especially dogs. His one very clear word at this point is, in fact, "dog." He is on the brink of really taking off with his walking, but for now is content to hold our hands or cling to the wall as he maneuvers his way around our apartment. Here are a few of my favorite Owen pictures from the past year:

Happy birthday sweet boy!!


MirThompson said...

Gracias por compartir un poquito de Owen, es una bendicion verlo crecer, ademas de poder disfrutar de sus ojos hermosos y su preciosa sonrisa. Gracias a DIos por que el ha cuidado de Owen durante todo este año y oramos que el siga tomando cuidado de cada pasito. Un abrazo y muchos besos! Fam. Thompson Alcantara

deartheophilus said...

Happy Birthday Owen!!! I can't believe how fast time is flying!

deartheophilus said...

Also-- that comment was by Erin :)

Caro said...

Oh, how precious!! I loved the recap, Leah! I'm sure that will be valuable to you in the years to come, as well. Hard to imagine how fast he's growing up... and Eliana too! I dreamed about you guys a couple nights ago and am still missing you all. Love and hugs from PA!