Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Viva México!

Yesterday we celebrated Mexico's Independence Day. (Here is a flashback to our first Independence Day, complete with Eliana's own "grito"). This is now our third Independence Day. Last year was very low-key as I had just given birth to Owen. This year we actually celebrated with our church on Saturday. It was a very fun party with crafts for the kids, a dancing competition, good friends and delicious food.

A couple of common patriotic dishes are chiles en nogada...

...and pozole.

Usually pozole is made with pork meat, so when pozole time comes around (though people enjoy it all year long) this is not an uncommon sight in most supermarkets:

In case you are wondering what exactly is displayed in these pictures, they are various cuts of pig heads! You will notice a large ear in the bottom right hand corner of the first picture. This isn't something you commonly find in most supermarkets in the States! ;)

All in all we had a wonderful, albeit very busy, weekend. Qué viva México!

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