Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Back and rolling...

We got back from Tequisquiapan on Friday night...
On Sat. we went to the kids´English club at church...very fun. They had double the amount of kids from the first week.
On Sun. we relaxed some and went to church and Kevin prepared for his tutoring.
On Mon. Kevin went to tutoring for 3 hours with another missionary and Leah babysat the son of our bosses as they were at a teaching language and culture conference at our old school.
On Tues. we went to Chalco a part of the city, actually it was a town that is now overrun by Mexico City, about an hour and a half from where we live to go to a ministry site. It was really fun and they are doing a lot of really good work there.

On Thursday Kevin flies back to the States for the wedding of his best man...and you guessed it he is priveledged enough to be the best man in this wedding.

Time has gone by quickly but we are making use of our school-less schedule by taking tutors and studying a lot on our own.

More to come later...thanks for checking in...

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