Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Adventures

So beginning this week I, Leah, will be helping out in a preschool. I am really excited. This month is one of a bit of transition for us, Kevin is still pretty intensively studying Spanish, but I am only studying a couple days a week now. When he finishes his study in another few weeks, we will begin our permanent assignment for the rest of the year. Until that time I will be helping out in a preschool that is connected with an organization called Alfalit. Alfalit is a really neat international organization that travels throughout Mexico teaching literacy. They have courses for both adults and children. Alfalit was founded through the influence of a missionary named Frank Laubach who was from the Philippines. His motto was that each one should teach one.

Kevin returned from Phoenix safely, he was there celebrating his best friend´s wedding. He had a really great time and was able to see his family, which was neat.

Please be thinking and praying for us this next month as we are searching for our permanent assignment. It is crazy to think that we have been here for two months already, time flies.

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