Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Been Awhile...Here´s What We´ve Been Up To

Been a while since we last wrote. It has been a busy and not so busy week. Not so busy for Kevin who caught a pretty solid stomach virus a week ago and spent two days shivering with fever and finding his way to the baño often, missing two days of class. He read a ton, in English as comfort, but when the virus left the new enemy came on in the form of a final exam. Leah, for her part was very busy. She traveled to the US for a beautiful wedding in Indiana to be a part of the very special day for two very important people in our lives. She returned to the same enemy that plagued Kevin.

Celebration! We are done with the first term at school Leah completed her last exam today and Kevin did his yesterday.

Also over the course of the weekend, Kevin went to the airport twice where he helped his boss get two people who will be joining us in Mexico City and the most important person he helped pick up was Leah! He also partook in a fiesta to celebrate the birthday of the 8 year old who lives with us. There was lots of karioke (sp?) and lots of little girls doing little girl stuff.

Beginning tomorrow we join our other year-out staffers and our boss for a retreat a couple hours away from the city. We are excited to get to know them more.

As for ministry we have not set on one quite yet and could use your prayers. We did meet with Compassion International today and on Tuesday we are traveling to a city just south of Mexico City to another LAM missionary to view her work and discuss the potential for a partnership. That will be very exciting. We are also working with the English classes at church, helping out when we can be there (the retreat is taking away one of the weeks). It is quite enjoyable and great to get to know more people in the church.

That´s about it for now.

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erin said...

Glad to hear you both are healthier now oand doing well!