Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Newsletters Out! Two Weeks to Go!

With our first set of newsletters out in the mail, I (Kevin) feel the reality setting in and have grown all the more excited. In just a couple of short weeks, we will be touching down in Madrid where we feel God has led us to minister.
As we approach this time, we do so with increased prayer.

We’ve been blessed to be able to stay with missionaries while we are there, reducing our costs dramatically, and, to boot, we get to see how to be a family while ministering in Madrid. Please be praying for us as we learn more about the culture, the nuances of bringing the Spearhead ministry to Madrid and to help us envision in which part of the city we would live and minister from.

We begin our journey by quickly testing out our mass transportation knowledge and getting ourselves to a conference which begins the evening we arrive. Jet lag will be our largest contender there, which will make it difficult not only to function, but will make it all the more difficult to understand. Please be praying with us for as little jet lag as possible. (Neither of us are good airplane sleepers!)

Aside from exploring the city and discerning which area we would like to base ourselves, we will be meeting with a bunch of contacts that will help us develop our ministry and understand the culture to best serve Spain. One of these contacts will hopefully be our home church, a Free Methodist Church doing amazing community work in the area. We are excited for this opportunity to meet them and I (Kevin) am especially excited to see how Free Methodism takes shape internationally. This will be a crucial point of understanding for me as I move through the ordination process.

We also plan to meet with some other missionaries in Madrid and we are excited to begin to develop our friendship as communication with them thus far has made it evident we have many common interests and ministry visions.
We thank you for your prayers.

Please email us at booksatterlee@gmail.com with your prayers that we may partner with you in ministering to the world, not just from where we are, but from where you are also.

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